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Scarefest at Thorpe Park 2024

 This show is specifically aimed at our senior dancers; they start the day by dancing to the arriving guests and then they will get to enjoy a thrill seeking day at Thorpe Park!  Open to Navy and Black.  We need 10-15 dancers to participate.  We can not take more than 15 and it is on a first come basis, so please don't delay!

Image by David Menidrey


Staines Road
KT16 8PN



See below for how to sign up your daughter for this experience.

Please note parents, siblings and others will need to purchase their OWN tickets – they can either be purchased through Thorpe Park or at £60 per ticket through the event organiser.  

Image by Kayla Maurais


Saturday 5th October 2024 - SHOW DATE

When will we rehearse?

Every Friday in class Sept/Oct.  Attendance at all September/October classes is essential to learn the routines. 

Who can perform?

Open to Navy and Black dancers ONLY

What will we be doing?

Dance time is 14min. This time can be split into solo/duets/groups or as we see fit, allowing for greater flexibility in choreography and rehearsal. Previous choreography will be used where necessary/appropriate to ensure work is clean and polished for the performance. This is a fun event, a new performance place and has lots of social girl time afterwards! It allow the girls to dance together and enjoy a day at the theme park together.


£70 entry fee (£60 goes to Thorpe Park and £10 covers Performanze admin fee). Miss Rosie is also offering £10 off for any seniors who help with dance classes to support our younger generation as a personal thank you. Please let us know if your daughter helps out and if you would like the £10 reimbursed.

Please note this does not include tickets for parents/siblings or other guests at Thorpe Park or travel for you or your child which you need to arrange separately.  The £70 covers your child's place and is a non-refundable fee. 

How many?

We need 10-15 dancers to participate.  We can not take more than 15 and it is on a first come basis, so please don't delay! These events do book quickly and the girls have the most amazing time. 

What will the day look like?

Arrive: 8:30am

Dance performance time: 10am

Finish: 11:30am

Time in park for some fun: 11:30am-9pm 

How do I book?

You can book and pay for your daughters place through the ClubLink App. Bookings will close on (unless it has reached full capacity before this date) and you cannot be added after this date. 

Any questions please contact us using your ClubLink App. Thank you.

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