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Once a year, pupils are encouraged to sit examinations in key subjects - Ballet and Modern. These tests contain dances designed to show a child’s ability to perform complete dances to a required standard.  These dances are practised in their routine classes.

Last year, we had yet another outstanding set of results where we saw everyone pass their exams.  Well done to all the girls!

Pink Sugar

UKA Exams

The Princess to Intro 1 exams are introductory examinations where the teacher accompanies and dances with the students.  This builds confidence and allows children to become accustomed to how things work.


In the Intro 2 to 6 exams the teachers accompany and support students; they can offer prompts and emotional support.  


From Bronze exams upwards children are not assisted by teachers - this is their opportunity to show how far they have come and how much their confidence has increased. 


 More information on the UKA dance board can be found here

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