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Festivals and Competitions

Letting your inner sparkle shine



Those wishing to compete  can attend "friendly" as well as more major medalist competitions which take place throughout the country with Grand Finals held in London and Blackpool.

Private lessons would be necessary for those competing  either with their regular teacher or with additional Performanze Teacher.


Competition Team: This troupe is by invite only and is specific to the details of choreography, troupe numbers and girls age range for competitions. 

Squad: Any of dancers can join our Squad group. more than just an events team, it is also a Company created to give back to the community through performances and special events, while instilling the importance of personal growth versus just receiving trophies!

What is the time requirement? Squad dancers should base placement on a 2-3 day commitment and Competition Team members will train  3-5 days.

How many classes does my dancer have to take each week? All dancers must take at least one class in ballet/lyrical and Modern/Jazz. Why? Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and teaches posture, control and transitions. Modern/Jazz benefits rhythm, musicality, style, flexibility and co-ordination.

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