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Welcome to Kenton 2024

 We are thrilled to invite all of our dancers to participate in our upcoming performance. At our inclusive dance school, we strongly believe that every child deserves to shine, and we have worked hard all year to create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Ballet Shoes


Kenton Theatre

19 New Street

Henley On Thames  RG9 2BP

Young Ballerinas


Sign up through our ClubLink App under 'Show Bookings'.

From June onwards book tickets:

01491 525050

Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle


10th June - FINAL date to sign up

17th -29th June - Costumes coming home

Sunday 14th July 2024 - SHOW DATE

Our show, our ethos

  • All children are given the chance to showcase their work. Everyone is included.

  • All dancers will dance in both shows, with the exception of the pink class who will only perform in the first show - they will sit with their parents in the auditorium during the show (see below for more info). 

  • It is a supportive family show where we ask all audiences to support all performers.

For our PINKS only 

If your child is in a 'Pink' class - they will​ do things slightly differently from the rest of the school.  They perform in the first show ONLY.  They do not arrive early for rehearsals but instead arrive with their parents and sit in the audience during the show.  They will be called up to the stage when it is their turn to dance.   When you purchase your tickets - make sure to mention that you have a young dancer sitting in the audience with you and they will issue a free ticket.  

What will my child need?

  • NOTE: label everything!

  • Costumes, handed out in class (see below for more detail) - please hang inside bin bag or suit bag for protection. 

  • Pink ballet tights (please make these have no holes)

  • Pink ballet shoes with elastics on

  • White or tan underwear

  • Make up and hair accessories to make a ballet bun  (see below for more detail)

  • Snacks/lunch/tea/lots of water (no nuts)

  • Optional £5 (we will then order group pizza to be delivered between show one and two, this way we can ensure they have hot food). Payable £5 cash handed in at sign in time with any dietary/allergy notes.  Ordered and available in-between shows.

Timetable on the day - Sunday 14th July

There is a staggered start time; to stop queues for sign in, and allow child the opportunity to practise and space their dances on stage.  


Please arrive with your hair and make up complete (see below for more details). Children will need to arrive wearing loose clothing that won't ruin their hair when they are changing.  Please pack their costumes, food, drinks and optional money.

  • ARRIVE AT STAGE DOOR (corridor to the left of the theatre)

  • 10:00 Black & Navy arrive

  • 11:00 Plum/Purple arrive

  • 12:00 Blue/Plum arrive

  • 12:30 Finale - all to practice

  • 13:00 Chaperones arrive & packed lunch

  • 13:30 All get into costumes ready for first show

  • 14:00 First Show (Pink to arrive and sit in the auditorium with parents)

  • 15:30 Finish first show & tea time - either packed tea, optional pizza with the crew (£5) - all to stay on-site

  • 16:30 Back into costume for second show

  • 17:00 Second show

  • 18:30 All home and celebrating

Make up and Hair

Make up (brown & white eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara, pink blusher, red lipstick) 


Adjust between the two depending on your child’s age/size

Hair  Juniors (Pink, Blue, Plum and Purple) ballet bun (hair gel, hair spray, band X2, hair grips, hair pins, hair net, nit comb or fine tooth comb) 

Seniors:  X2 Dutch braids into a bun. Seniors will do on site and help each other with hair. 


PINK (only in the first show)

 'Spoon full of sugar': pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes with elastics on, red & white velvet tutus. 



'Hercules': pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, pastel colour sequin dresses. 

'Better When I'm Dancing': pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, bright coloured leotards & skirts.

'Finale': individual party wear.



'5,6,7,8': pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, skirt, white T-shirt & waist coat.

'Tarzan':  pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, red & black lace tutus.

'Finale': individual party wear.



'Wish':  pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, purple long tutu & headbands. 

'Friend like me':  pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, unitard, skirt & ruffle for over the bun.

'Finale': individual party wear.



'Barbie': own Barbie styled costumes & footwear.

'Gravity': pink ballet tights, white lyrical dress & white ruffle around bun.

'Acro': pink ballet tights, red flame leotard & black hot pants over the top. 

'Finale': individual party wear/prom dresses.



'Nutcracker': pink ballet tights, ballet shoes, black leotard & skirt with red accessories.

'Lion King': pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, animal print leotards & hot pants. 

'Swan Lake': white dresses/black tutus/black masks.

'Perfect Symphony': purple/maroon/white dresses.

'A Million Dreams': yellow & green sequin dresses.

'Cold Play': pink ballet tights, ballet shoes, blue leotards/black skirts/caps.

'Finale': individual party wear/prom dresses.

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