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Exams 2024

Ballet Shoes


Watlington Club

20 High St, Watlington OX49 5PY

Young Ballerinas


There will be a tab on your Clublink App called EXAM - you can book and pay for your exam on your app from the 15th April.

If you are unsure of what level you need to book, please refer to our Exam FAQs page.

Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle


15th April - Exam bookings OPEN

30th April - Exam bookings CLOSED

6th May - Timetable released

3rd - 13th May - Video submissions recorded

Saturday 18th May - Live exams

From 7th June - report sheets to be handed out

JULY - certificates and medals/plaques to be handed out

Exam intro

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to all children to participate in this year's UKA dance examinations. Each exam lasts approximately 15 minutes, and our teachers will accompany students, providing support both physically, and emotionally as needed. These exams are designed as building blocks, aimed at enhancing skills, confidence, and performance experience. They serve to boost motivation and provide an opportunity for children to proudly display their certificates, medals, and trophies.​

For more information, please check our Exam page and our Exam and Show FAQ page.

Video Submissions - 3rd to 13th May

We know that lives are busy so we offer all students the opportunity to submit their exam entry as a video submission. When recording their video submission children must be dressed and have uniform as per the live exam. Video submissions are recorded in class. 

Expectation on the day - Saturday 18th May

The timetable has now been released and can be accessed on an email sent at 13:30pm on Tuesday 7th May.  


Please arrive at the correct time, wearing uniform, and with your hair up (hair cannot be done on-site).

Senior students will be downstairs helping students practice their dances.


  • Dance uniform should be clean & smart (no marks, rips, snags).

  • Practise your child's bun and dance before Saturday. 

  • Saturday children need named water bottle.

  • Clean ballet shoes with elastics and ribbons tucked in.

Uniform and Hair



  • Leotard

  • Skirt

  • Pink ballet tights (no holes/snags)

  • Pink ballet shoes (with elastics)

Hair Ballet bun (hair gel, hair spray, band X2, hair grips, hair pins, hair net, nit comb or fine tooth comb) 

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