COVID Guidelines for classes 


COVID NOTES updated 24/9/2020

  1. No child is allowed on site with a temperature or any sickness. If your child has had Calpol within 48hrs they are not allowed to live sessions this week. Any child showing any COVID symptoms may not attend. Any child’s family that has COVID symptoms or who has been contacted by track and trace and are awaiting test results may not attend live sessions until results are clear.  Tonsilitis and ear infections, D & V are just as difficult to get children into the GP. IF your child is sick do not attend live sessions until they have been clear of all illness for 48hours. Any children/families contacted by track and trace to inform Performanze immediately so we can close the bubble and inform other families and get everyone safely tested.

  2. MASKS ON: From Thursday 24/9/2020 ALL students and parents age 11+ need to arrive (even if you are outside) and wear masks on site. Where possible we are asking parents not to come on site.

  3. COVID CLEAR CLASS CONFIRMATION: Parents are requested to complete the following link/form every class. This is a COVID health checklist it can be completed on your phone in as little as 30seconds. This should be completed on the day of their class and can not be done prior

  4. SCAN IN: We are asking all parents to download the track and trace app on their phone and scan in. Posters will be available on site. Parents for younger children will need to scan in. Senior students can scan using their own smart phone. WATLINGTON: CROWMARSH:

  5. Students are asked to only enter the studio with ballet shoes/OR jazz shoes and may choose to bring a labelled water bottle. Seniors may bring their phone. Phones will be placed into a clear plastic wallet and pinned to the pinboard and removed at the end of the session. Coats/shoes etc must stay with parents and no toys or additional items may be left on site. Please do not bring bikes and scooters in the lobby area.

  6. Ensure your child has gone to the toilet before leaving. We would prefer not to use additional spaces where possible.

  7. KEEP IT CLEAN: All students in dance attire (uniform where possible). All clothes MUST be clean washed and we advise students change and shower when they get home to support best hygiene practices. Students should not wear cardigans/jumpers etc into dance class at the moment. 

  8. SHOES ON: Ballet shoes for Jill class or Ballet/Jazz shoes for Miss Rosie/Miss Danni. NO BARE FEET/SOCKS are allowed. Please check your child’s shoes fit in advance of their class. 

  9. HAIR UP: Please place students hair up for dance class as this helps to keep students cool and is good dance practice.We do not want students hands sweeping hair off their face as we do not want hands by faces.  

  10. BOARDER CONTROL: Where parents have been abroad please contact with details of where your family have been and the date that you returned. All dancers must ensure they follow the government guidelines for quarantine.   

  11. WATLINGTON Students and parents must use the FRONT entrance to avoid people passing in narrow corridors and limit contact with other users from the function room. Parents are asked to leave the premises promptly and not to enter the building until 5 minutes before their class. Parents may not wait on the premises whilst their child is dancing. All students will be collected at the beginning of class from the downstairs lobby area. We ask parents to use the social distancing guides in the area to keep 2m+ distance whilst waiting with their children.  Adults to wear face masks indoors (this does not apply to the students). 

  12. CROWMARSH: Students and parents must use the FRONT entrance to adhere to social distancing in corridors. Students will exit at the fire door (REAR DOOR) at the far end of the carpark. Parents are asked not to enter the premises where ever possible. Students should not to enter the building until 5 minutes before their class and exit promptly. Parents may not wait on the premises whilst their child is dancing. 

  13. IN CLASS: Staff and students will use hand gel at the start and end of every session. Tissues are available, if any students sneeze etc we will ask students to reapply hand gel. Floors are mopped in between all classes and areas are kept ventilated. No tap will be taught at the momemt as staff need to raise their voices and encounter same limitations as singing. Some dance schools are not taking this precaution but our students safety is paramount for us and we can say EVERY precaution has been taken to ensure safety and happiness for our students, their families and staff.

  14.  At the end of every class students will reapply hand gel and be supported to meet parents in the Lobby/waiting area who are asked to arrive and collect promptly. We do ask parents to respect social distancing and keep 2m apart in the lobby area to support our safety measures and wear masks over mouth and nose. 

  15. Dancers are not required to wear masks IN dance classes. However children age 12+ must arrive and exit venues wearing masks.  

Please note that we are unable to discuss elements of dance with you on site however we are happy as always to receive feedback on email or phone 07745099472 and answer any questions.