Accepting Applications 


We are accepting new students from age 2-21 years at Performanze. At these current times we are unable to allow to welcome prospective parents to visit the school. Your child will be invited to a Taster Day, which is an informal dance class that will encourage girls to get to know one another, become more familiar with the school, enable the teachers to begin to know them and which will give them a true flavour of the school.​

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Frequently asked questions


When can I join?

All new starters are invited along to a taster week. We know students do not like to wait therefore we accept new starters throughout the term. to book your taster session email

Can I bring a friend along?

Friends are very welcome at Performanze. Please invite your friend to sign up for a taster session with you so that friends can dance together. We can not allow students onsite without having all contact information so the sign up for taster sessions are essential. To book a taster session email

Do I need a dance uniform?

For taster sessions dance uniform is not required. We advise that dancers wear clean comfortable clothes that they can move easily in. Trainers for tap dance and soft shoes for ballet/acro and modern/contemporary. Please note that we can not allow students to dance in clothes they have worn to school, clothes must be clean and we regreat that at this present time all students must be wearing shoes for dance class. Thank you for your understanding